November 29, 2020


The agency platform finds available, curated teams and individuals in real-time with full transparency. The agency will match clients with strategy, experience, digital marketing, technology and data experts. There are two ways to find talent– through curated ready-made teams for specific types of projects or “build your own” teams where clients can hire individual or groups of freelancers based upon specific skills and roles defined for your project. Wripple talent is required to complete an application detailing experience, work product, skills, interests and more. Wrippled also perform background checks, which can be tailored to a client’s requirements.

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  Turns editing video into a word-prrocessor type experience. Upload you video and it's translated into text that you can cut which will translate into the final video edit.     https://typestudio.co/

Sherpa Digital Events

Sherpa Digital Events

RATING: 4.0/5  Sherpa offers features best suited for webinars including a built-in player, lobby, and...



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