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Mark your calendar for February’s VEG meetup: Our Next Reality

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NAB Show and VEG presents The State of the Creator Economy

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NAB Las Vegas

Creator Economy Takes Center Stage as Creators, Influencers and Brands Meet at NAB Show



Membership has it’s Benefits.
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Meetings Don’t Need to Suck. Technologies that promote engagement, eliminate friction points and free up your time to focus on substance, not just checklists are changing the game wherever they take place. Join us and learn from each other as we Make Better Meetings.

How do we do it?Our membersthrive together


Each month, we gather for an hour to share the latest thinking about events and strategies. We invite the top luminaries from all parts of the industry to discuss everything from digital IP to engagement strategies, to the newest AI powered tools and the metaverse. With ample time for networking built into the program, participants get to meet and share their ideas.

Strategy and Consultancy

As a new generation of post-pandemic events and meetings take root, the VEG group can help you iterate and implement your events whether they are in person, digital, or hybrid. We analyze your needs to create the way forward.


Once a week, we’re in your inbox taking the pulse of the meetings and events industry. You’ll keep up to date with the newest tools and platforms, gain a broad perspective of what audiences want, and get the advice you can use to take your events to new heights.


Membership has its benefits. Be a part of our special programs, speak on panels, get yourself a great video interview, and keep us on speed dial so that we can amplify your message. It’s affordable and we’ve got tangible proof that our members do great business together.

Member Promotions

Membership has its benefits. As we’re called to participate in various events and conferences we pass our savings along to our members.

Resource Guides

Everyone is an expert on something but no one is an expert on everything. Our collection of Resource Guides cuts to the chase on useful topics for those who meet and attend events.



The heart of The Virtual Events Group is the most complete listing of platforms, tools, production services and generative AI that you can find online. They’re all carefully grouped according to a taxonomy we created to help you get your head around what over 600 companies in this industry have to offer to help make your events a huge success.


A platform is capable of holding a full virtual event from soup to nuts including registration and metrics.

Generative AI

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that uses deep learning algorithms to create new and original content.


Tools designed to help find the ideal solution for audience engagement, CRM management, video/audio editing, and content distribution.


Sometimes, it’s best to entrust experts – video, content creation, talent agencies, or full production support – available here.

Our CommunitySpeaks

One of the stand-out qualities I’ve noticed in the VEG events is that those who attend are among the event industry’s long-standing power players, but in no way hold up an ‘old guard’ attitude.

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Experience Architect, Project Manager Women in Product

Robin and VEG have assembled a wonderful community of some of the major players in the world of virtual events. For us, the chance to present twine to the VEG community has been invaluable, both in terms of product feedback, but also generating real buzz and pipeline

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CEO & Co-Founder twine

We have experienced incredible support from the Virtual Events Group team and the community as we launched rooom in the US and global market. The context, conversation, insights and community networking are among the best I have experienced over my career – delivering meaningful connections and opportunities.

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CEO, Americas rooom

We need venues to Tech Up and get smart so that we can accommodate all of our audiences.

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Founder and CEO MAP Digital