Virtual Events GroupBoard ofAdvisors

Jim Louderback

Global Media &
Technology Leader

Jim Louderback is among the most respected figures in digital media with a 20-year history of leadership …

Sherry Huss

Maker Faire

Sherry Huss is Co-founder of Maker Faire and a major advocate of “all things maker” in the global community.

Martin Porter

Executive Director
Sports Video Group

Martin Porter provides senior-level executives in media & entertainment with information services

Alfred Poor

Tech Advisor
Alfred Poor is a technology speaker and writer with an international reputation. Over the past forty years …

Sharon Ann Weisman

CEO, PowerStation Studios U.S.

Sharon Weisman is a sharp and original connector. She discovered the power of brands 14 years ago …

Mary Ann Pierce

Founder & CEO at MAP Digital, Inc.

Mary Ann Pierce is the founder & CEO of MAP Digital, Inc., who for over 20 years has fused the …

Catherine McConville

Business Development
Catherine McConville is an early responder to new technologies that have shaken – not stirred – our …

Marian Bossard

Senior Advisor, Toy Association

Since June 2021, Marian has served as Senior Advisor at the Toy Association in support of the …