ManifestoDigital Happens!

Digital tools have disrupted and transformed industries from
health to finance, from retail to education.

Did you think events would be any different? They can, will, and are being disrupted by tech tools that promise more engaging, frequent, and personalized experiences for a broader audience, not chained to time zones or geographies.

The Virtual Events Group brings stakeholders from all walks of event life — attendees, event producers, corporations, associations, investors, tools, and service providers under one umbrella to deconstruct and reconstruct how we’ll meet and maintain connections in a digitally forward world. Veterans, newbies, and all in-between are welcome.

Our website offers a directory of tools designed to make finding the right tools easier. It is open to community dialog. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. At our core, we provide a community for those dedicated to making the digital meeting experience the core of its community.

We All NeedSomething toBelieve In

Already on their way to digital disruption, the pandemic accelerated the transformation of live events, proving that relationships could be formed and business could get done in far more efficient ways. Here’s what we believe:

  • Virtual events will be the tie that binds, changing the paradigm from once-a-year soirees to ongoing conversation and community.
  • The transfer of knowledge and ideas will be more snackable, digestible, and conversational.
  • The metaverse looms large as the next digital events frontier.
  • No winners, all winners. Voice, video, AR, VR — they’ll all be part of the omnichannel events arsenal.
  • Data is the new currency in the events world. The more you know about what stakeholders want the better you can service them.
  • Digital events let us break the 4th wall, obliterating the boundary between audience and actors.
  • This is an intergenerational effort where a new generation of digital natives collaborates with a mature events industry.
  • Physical events will never disappear. They will become more intimate, experiential, and more important than ever.

If these resonate with you then join us as we create a new association, with new thoughts and ideas about how and why we search for human connection. Here’s to making virtual events something we shape and mold together.

To find out more about how your organization can get involved contact us.

Robin Raskin
[email protected]