March 17, 2021

TYPE: Tool

Company Profile

Cadmium simplifies the production of live, hybrid and virtual events and maximizes the value of online learning with a single, flexible platform designed to capture the chemistry of people, ideas, and knowledge. The company’s software products are trusted by more than 900 content-driven organizations worldwide to generate revenue, drive customer retention, and lower operational costs for their events and education initiatives.

A full event management suite stores that is available in discrete modules, your data is hosted on Cadmium’s secure cloud-based servers that you can access anytime, anywhere. The ability to sell sponsorship deals, ad space, and more allows clients to fully monetize their event. Their comprehensive content management and distribution platform supplies attendees with recordings directly via the cloud and through the mobile event app and website. From an exhibitor standpoint, the platform can feel a bit clunky and not intuitive. Training and customer service is also criticized by customers since project managers care for discrete modules and not your entire event.
Best Feature: For scientific proceedings they have an abstract collection module, making it somewhat unique.