November 24, 2020


Boomset offers a highly modular program that can be tailored from start to end for in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. The company website makes it quite easy to configure the experience you need from registration and exhibitor management, to broadcasting sessions, to integrations and reporting. Ticket sales, live streaming, live chat, private Q&A’s, survey and polls, and a virtual lobby round out the feature set. Some of the more eye-catching modules (premium service) include facial recognition, gamification, RFID management, and hardware rentals for lead retrievals. Services are offered on an annual subscription basis, which includes integration with various registration systems and support via phone and through an online help desk. The native streaming allows you to seamlessly broadcast to reach a large audience. Some users say the reporting could use improvement.

Best Feature: Boomset is as comfortable with live as virtual worlds and supports mobile platforms as well.

Primary Category: Conference

Secondary Category: Webinar


Xcyte Digital