November 27, 2020


BoothCentral provides a platform to plan and execute virtual events using a traditional booth based expo model. It takes the real world model one step forward by being a matchmaker, helping event attendees and vendors find each other. The conference promoter creates and collects vendor applications, assign spaces, and collect payments. The promoter’s main stage can live stream a broadcast, host a live chat with vendors and attendees, and steer attendees towards booths. Vendors can personalize their booth with their main graphic, record a welcome video message for attendees, post photos and video chat live with attendees. Lastly, attendees will be able to browse through participating vendors, watch vendor personalized intro videos and video chat with vendors face-to-face. If something goes wrong during your event you’ll have access to a team member located in the U.S. to help with your problem. At this time, the platform doesn’t have e-commerce capabilities and booths fill up with a max capacity of 5.

Best Feature: Simulating exhibitor driven events with booths.

Primary Category: Trade Show

Secondary Category: Conference


Virtway Events
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