November 24, 2020


Big Marker is “Big” with a full suite of offerings but what’s sensible about it is that each bit of functionality is a module and you can piece together your solutions as you go. For example there are modules on lead gen, an auditorium, gamification, live streaming to Facebook and YouTube and CRM. Ala carte selection makes it easy to use the system and white label solutions can be contracted as well. Plans start as low as $79 per month and an Elite plan can host up to 10,000 attendees. Multi-speaker camera quality can also be poor, some customers and although customer service is 24/7 it can take them a while to respond. Clients include TED conferences, CNBC and Qualcomm. Pricing is affordable at $299 a month for premier which provides access to everything.

Best Feature: The modular approach to the entire event makes navigating your event’s capabilities easier than most.

Primary Category: Conference 

Secondary Category: Webinar


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