November 24, 2020


Based in Seattle, Washington, this event marketing platform focuses a lot of its attention on event outreach, driving both more attendees and more engagement. This makes it a great solution for field marketing teams to discover and market professional events. The secret sauce for Banzai is its partner management skills that allow the platform’s marketers to track the progress of the event. Partners can access the dashboard, helping with outreach, simplifying reporting and even allocating payments to one another. Another part of the outreach programming is the ability to verify every registration to ensure they meet the target audience profile. Favorite features include ease of use, easy integration with platforms like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Zoom and more, and the fact that all features are included without additional fees. Users say learning how to use the software can take awhile and be quite confusing.

Best Feature: Attention to Partner Marketers

Primary Category: Webinar

Secondary Category: N/A