Job of the year: Community builder. Whether it’s a brand, an event, an association or other, your challenge will be to create a 365-day-a-year engagement. Hopefully, we will tamp down on the snark and ramp up the clever as community builders get to work to restore civility to online groups.

When best content matters, virtual wins. Superstars are willing to spend an hour talking to an audience from the comfort of their own homes. Getting them to schlep across the country for three days: less enticing. VentureBeat expounds.

The metaverse goes mainstream, fast. The day after Christmas saw a crazy upswing in the purchase of virtual reality headsets and VR apps. It’s a “crossing the chasm” year. Headsets are the new rose-colored glasses. But for businesses, the next 6 months of the Metaverse will be mostly for after-parties, not meetings. Until we get more accustomed to the space, our habits and expectations need time to adjust.

Live events will become healthier, more intimate, and pricier. Think yoga classes, spa retreats, desert boot camps, and unique experiences. Physical events will need to include memorable bonding experiences.

Sustainability becomes mandatory. Question every piece of paper, wood, or airline flight your company consumes. In-person events generally require a significant amount of energy, but they’ll step up their environmental efforts with digital brochures, QR codes, less printed material, and repurposed booths.

Pay attention to geography. Outdoor and warmer locations will win for live-event destinations this year. Most destinations will continue to “tech-up” just like these have. The bar will rise.

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