The days of marketing generating some “hot leads” for sales and calling it a day are over. In a digital-first world, where buyers self-educate through their own decision-making journey, marketing and sales must join forces to more effectively drive pipeline and revenue. And a shared revenue team requires new strategies and new thinking.

Attend ON24’s FastFWD Summit on October 28th where you’ll learn how to build a predictable pipeline model with a shared revenue team across sales and marketing.

In this interactive digital event, you’ll learn:

  • How to create experiences that convert the new digital-only buyer
  • Real world execution of marketing-driven pipeline
  • Strategies modern marketer’s are implementing to impact revenue across the funnel
  • Plus, don’t miss out on Written in the Cards, an exclusive tarot reading class. Be one of the first 250 registrants for FastFWD Summit and we’ll send you a limited edition ON24 Tarot Deck to use for the class.

Bridging the sales/marketing gap is no longer a joke, it’s an imperative. This is your chance to learn how. Register now!


11AM – Keynote | A Live Look at Digital Marketing…from Sales
Corporate Bro is a career enterprise salesman and lover of writing his own bio in the third-person. His life is dominated by two key themes: humor and his parents’ disappointment. When he’s not filming sketch comedy videos or yelling at kids, you’ll find him on the Peloton sculpting his famous thighs. Most recently, he graduated from business school… but he’s too humble to tell you it was from Stanford. Follow him @Corporate.Bro.

11:20AM – Panel | Building Your Predictable Pipeline Engine Across Sales and Marketing
Learn how AlphaSense manages the sales and marketing relationship to build their predictable pipeline engine.
Amy Holtzman | Katie Bradley | Shikha Shrestha | Tessa Barron

12:10PM – Talk | Evolving Digital Marketing from Lead Generation to Revenue Growth
Learn how Arctic Wolf and ON24 have evolved their strategies to be a full-funnel revenue driver.
Jada Holst | Mark Bornstein

12:10PM – Tarot | Written in the Cards 
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that even the best laid plans don’t always pan out. But you know what is always 100% accurate? The art of Tarot. Join us for an instructional Tarot Reading right after the FastFWD Summit.

What’s in store? Well, if you’re one of the first 250 people to register for FastFWD Summit (and we know you will be), you’ll get your own ON24 Tarot Deck and a free Tarot lesson where you’ll learn how to:

  • Read your own cards for predictable pipeline
  • Discover the future of marketing through the spirits
  • Divine the revenue results you need to know

Get your cards — and peer into the future