Upcoming Events, Thinking Hybrids, HopIN Scores Big

Nov 17, 2020 | Newsletters

6 Month TrendCast:

  1. You’ve got two jobs now, so it’s time to start prepping for the hybrid world. See Accelevents’ new guide and read this from the Associations Now.
  2. A platform only goes so far. With virtual conferencing platforms reaching their maximum number of viable players, you’re seeing new entities offering to run the show and pick your platform. When does that make sense? Thanks to Marni Edelhart at Momentum Events for the Virtual Events as a Service insights.
  3. Virtual events will need to monetize now or close up shop. (Read about The Information’s path to sales below)
  4. Physical events will need to recoup lost revenues. Rumors are flying about higher membership fees for associations in 2021, for example.
  5. Everything old is new again: Breakout rooms, 21 questions, trivia, polling, mysteries, scavenger hunts, and speed-dating. All of the same attention-grabbing techniques in the physical world are finding themselves online.


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