Twitter Blue Makes that NFT Monkey You Own Even More of a Status Symbol

We’ve been playing around with Twitter’s new features. First, there’s Twitter Blue, which has a $2.99 monthly fee that gets you a bunch of extra features including the ability to edit published tweets and read ad-free news. (It’s all part of their new monetization strategy.)

But the latest Twitter Blue feature is the brilliant head-slapper. It lets you display your NFTs as your profile picture, which gives the whole NFT thing another level of cred. Twitter will verify ownership of the NFT by linking your Twitter account with your digital wallet that stores the NFT. (What could possibly go wrong?)

To emphasize the elevated status, an NFT user’s profile will be hexagonally shaped, rather than circular. Twitter just legitimized NFTs and makes some cool cash at the same time. I expect other social media to quickly follow suit. Read more on the Twitter blog site.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Also be sure to check out Twitter Spaces. It’s Twitter’s version of ClubHouse and it provides a simple way to amplify events or post voice clips. You need to be on a mobile device to set up your “Space”. Simply select “Create a Space” from the menu, start recording, and invite people to listen. The “Space” disappears when the conversation ends, you can have hosts and co-hosts and guests, and captioning is available.



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