Team Class
TeamClass is like ClassPass for your events. Mixologists, crafters, yoga instructors and others will find a marketplace of bonding ideas for their next virtual event.

Putting AI to work on the back end can cut your video editing time from hours to minutes. Designs.AI takes your text content and locates relevant clips to create fully edited video complete with effects and transitions, or convert your text to voice-overs with natural sounding voices in more than 15 languages.

DeepDub digitizes human voices and uses AI to produce voice-overs in different languages using the original speaker’s voice. Initially targeting the entertainment industry, the service can localize your message for international audiences.

Give your Powerpoint a Cameo
Few things make you look worse than a virtual presentation with either your postage stamp Powerpoints or tiny windows of your face alongside your presentation. With cameo you can insert your live camera feed directly on a PowerPoint slide. Then you can apply the same effects to your camera feed as you can to a picture or other object, including formatting, transitions, and styles. The feature will be rolling out to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Cameo let’s you combine your camera feed with your Powerpoint presentation in Microsoft Teams.




This Week in AI

This Week in AI

AI got $1.37B of investments last year. It’s a bright spot in a year when the tech industry has right-sized, and...

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