The Year of Video First

I confess. We wince every time we get a production firm’s quote. I mean, how much can holding a camera and chopping up some video cost? We found this illustration on Craig “Burnie” Burns’ LinkedIn page. Can you tell he’s a retired gaffer?


While Burns’ prices seem a tad high-end, the idea that we’re all video producers now is very real. An entire market segment dedicated to “creators,” often video-first creators, is blossoming. 

  • Today there are 50 million self-declared creators in the economy, including about 2 million professionals.
  • The market size has grown to well over $104 billion
  • Investors poured a record $1.3 billion into the space. 
  • And there’s even a strong middle class, with 41% of creators earning a living wage ($69,000 annually or more).



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