The Taxman Cometh for Virtual Events

Even the virtual world cannot escape the inevitability of taxes. But it’s complicated. How you determine what you owe for US taxes on digital events is outlined in this free guide: Swoogo’s US Guide to Sales Tax for In-Person, Virtual and Hybrid Events. Much of it depends on the state where the event is initiated. “If you don’t hit the threshold for that state on either gross receipts or transaction amounts, then you don’t have to worry about taxability or collection of sales tax for that state.” An article in Event Manager says that “You’ll need to focus on where you’re located, where your attendees are located, what they’re doing, what kind of currencies they’re using, as well as a range of other factors.” As more events take place virtually and include in-event transactions, the situations will get even loonier. The bottom line? You’ll want your registration system to be able to handle taxable events accurately and according to the latest rules.



Grammy meet Roblox

Grammy meet Roblox

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