November 29, 2020

TYPE: Platform


“While WebinarJam is for creating live webinars (that you can always rebroadcast), EverWebinar is for publishing pre-recorded webinars. Webinar Jam is browser-based and allows you to reach up to 5,000 users in one live presentation. You can have up to 6 presenters and PowerPoint and Keynote slides can be uploaded. Key features include live chat with attendees, email integration, a page builder with templates that can be customized, branded and password protected rooms and polls and surveys. Hosts and presenters can also bring attendees up on stage and post live offers. EverWebinar is put out by the same company, but sold as a separate service. It features many of the same features as Webinar Jam such as pre-made landing pages, integrations with CRM and autoresponders and real-time analytics, but is only for recorded, on-demand webinars.”

Best Feature: Non-technical configuration for webinars supported by strong analytics.

Primary Category: Webinar
Secondary Category: N/A