StreamClick by Megaphone TV

June 2, 2021

TYPE: Platform


StreamClick by Megaphone TV is a turnkey cloud platform that allows professional and amateur streamers to produce broadcast-quality realtime interactive virtual events. With StreamClick you can *Capture* any video source, such as a webcam, phone camera, prosumer or professional camera, any application, any website, or your desktop and send it to the cloud in beautiful HD right from your browser. No download required, no watermarks included. To *Mix* the show, StreamClick’s collaborative toolchain includes a video switcher, an IFB audio system for talent and producers, a prompter, roll clip, and titling — all synchronized in realtime across all your locations. StreamClick channels are *Broadcast* using super low-latency video, with less than 100ms from ingest to user display, and can be syndicated to other platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. As a white-label service, the StreamClick experience is designed to be embedded into any app or website with one line of iFrame code, and the graphics and user interface elements are customizable. Viewers can *Interact* with the show, answering polls and quizzes, chatting, and asking questions just by clicking on an interactive layer on top of the video player, and they can *Transact* with interactive ads. StreamClick 2.0 is currently in private beta, and is used daily by national US broadcasters. Please contact Megaphone for an invite.

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