November 28, 2020

TYPE: Platform


The cloud based SaaS platform for virtual events enables product launches, hybrid events, job fairs, eLearning and more. Guests have the opportunity to chat with each other, as well as speakers.Keynote speakers and panels can stream live videos that attendees can watch either online or via a mobile or tablet device. If they miss a session, they can also go back and watch it at a later time. Booths can post videos, blogs and even have a rep chat with attendees in a chat box. The platform also features a networking lounge where attendees can create profiles about themselves. This networking lounge also features interest based matches. Social27 doesn’t do out of the box livestreaming, however they do partner with those who do like Vimeo, JWPLAYER, brightcove and more. Pricing is based on number of attendees, length of the event and hours of content.

Best Feature: Strong Zoom integration to provide interactive video chat.

Primary Category: Conference
Secondary Category: Trade Show


Virtway Events