Social Hour

November 28, 2020

TYPE: Platform


Designed to build and foster stronger workplace cultures, companies can your Social Hour to host virtual social gatherings. The platform is also suitable for virtual happy hours, family reunions, fundraisers and study groups. Similar to in-person events, your virtual event can have rooms and tables where smaller groups of people can gather. Hosts can decide on the number of tables, people per table and also nudge participants to move tables after a set time. Attendees can log in via Google or Microsoft and enter via the lobby. Songs and playlists can be added for background music and attendees can edit or update table topics. Plans range from basic to plus to enterprise. If you have up to 50 attendees there is no charge while up to 100 attendees will cost $500. Enterprise events can host 5000 people but pricing will be custom.

Best Feature: Guest converse in small groups
Primary Category: Webinar
Secondary Category: Networking Event


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