Jewels from HopIn’s Julius Solaris

What are the takeaways from the in-person PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) event? HopIn’s Julius Solaris offers these takeaways. You can find the full thread on LinkedIn. 

  1. Conversation-driven sessions. The most refreshing change of format I witnessed was a long table with attendees split into groups to collaborate and discuss. This format should be adopted more in the post-burnout era.
  2. In-person as staging for online. It seems many in-person events are becoming stages to create content online. Interviews, pictures, session content, every opportunity is good to differentiate content with better props.
  3. Figure out the hybrid business model. There is a fringe of suppliers pushing against hybrid at all costs. As a result, valuable information is tough to get hold of and planners need clarity.
  4. Greenwashing. Many organizations like the sustainability talk but don’t care about walking the walk.
  5. All-in-one platforms matter For planners that get it, having all-in-one is key. Integration seems to be the only way to scale for many that are adopting a hybrid event strategy.
  6. Get venue contracts right. Many people stressed how important it is to be strong in your negotiation and plan for unexpected waves. Force majeure is changing forever.
  7. The great resignation has taught us how much people value their time. The decision process for event attendance is going to be much more calculated moving forward. Cost, destination, distance, time away from home, programming. It’s going to be critical.




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