How do I livestream a Zoom meeting to Facebook?

Apr 19, 2021 | Ask Alfred

Dear Alfred,
How do I livestream a Zoom meeting to Facebook?

You can do this a few different ways, but I’m going to cover the most straightforward approach that does not require any programming or copying and pasting keys or anything complicated. The most important points are that you must set up your Zoom account to permit live streaming. And this only works for paid Zoom accounts.

Start by going to the website and log onto your account. In Account Management, choose Account Settings. Then choose In Meeting (Advanced) and then scroll way down in that section to the  Allow live streaming of meetings line. Enable this feature by clicking the slider to the right. Make sure  that the Facebook option is checked.

Now start a new Zoom meeting. At the righthand end of the bottom menu, click on the icon with three  dots: “…” This will open a new menu that will include Live on Facebook as an option. When you click on  that, your browser will launch a new tab and open Facebook.

You will see a “Go Live on Facebook” window. Ignore the error message about “The endpoint is deprecated…” and use the drop-down menu to choose where you want the livestream to appear. You  can put it on your news feed, a friend’s timeline, a group, an event, or on a page that you manage. You  must be an Admin to stream to a Facebook Group, and you must be an Admin or Moderator to stream to a Facebook Page.

Note that viewers on Facebook will only be able to see and hear the Zoom meeting. They will not be able to join it as participants. They will have to join the Zoom meeting in the usual way, with the
Meeting ID and a password if required. Note also that there is about a 10 to 12-second delay – latency – between what happens in the Zoom meeting and when it appears for the live stream audience.

Finally, when you end the live stream – either by stopping the stream or ending the meeting – the video of the stream will be recorded and posted on the Facebook site. If you don’t want it to be available, you will have to go in and delete that post.

Alfred Poor, Technology Editor

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