Hardware Makes the Metaverse Go Round

As we head into a Web 3 immersive or metaverse world (insert your favorite word), where every moment is monetized and recorded on a whopping long blockchain, someone’s got to be making some mighty hardware to power the experience.

Recent hardware announcements:

Ian Zelbo’s depiction of Apple AR/VR headset, based on purported leaked information.

Apple is working on a fall release of an AR/VR headset and possible subscription services.

Image Credit: Motorola

Motorola and Verizon want you to wear your VR like a yoke around your neck. They announced a 5G-supported, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered neckband to help companies building AR/ VR headsets lighten the load on your head. 

Nvidia Caption: BMW Group uses NVIDIA Omniverse to create a future factory, a perfect “digital twin” designed entirely in digital and simulated from beginning to end in NVIDIA Omniverse.

Nvidia stock soared 125% on metaverse hopes. The company’s secret weapon? They design the fastest chips for rendering complex graphics and now are leaders in specialized AI chips. Plus the company’s Omniverse platform offers developers libraries, tools and collaborative places to build virtual worlds with Nvidia chips. But here’s the thing.They don’t actually fabricate these chips; they just design them.



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