Greening Your Swag

How many t-shirts, mugs and stress balls does one conference attendee need? That question is on a lot of marketer’s minds as the world revs up for post-pandemic mode. According to this State of Swag report from 2020, too many. Companies with over 1,000 employees are predicted to spend more than $700K in swag annually. 

But more and more companies are doing some swag soul-searching and belt-tightening. Jody Brandes, Group Manager of Strategic Event Services at Genentech, and her team created and distributed this more woke guide to swag, saying that if you need to give a gift at least make it one that’s thoughtful and sustainable. Check out their best, better, good and what to avoid choices.

Figure credit: Genentech



This Week in AI

This Week in AI

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