Events in the Metaverse

Bizbash and AllSeated EXVO took a group of interested souls on a field trip exploring the future of events in the metaverse. It was held in the EXVO metaverse. OK, you still have to navigate using the gaming keys while your little video-head attendees roam about, but there was a palpable excitement about the potential for an event to be more than just a static 2D experience. David Adler from Bizbash kicked things off with a panel about the potential to have true emotional engagement in a metaverse-like arena. Subsequently, the networking group headed up by Nick Borelli from AllSeated got deep in the weeds of how, why and when to produce your event in these 3D venues. Engagement and novelty go up in a 3D world, and a browser-based environment is a must. Simple controls like changing the size of a video screen to highlight a speaker are missing, and for the moment the experience is sort of like talking to a bunch of video heads superimposed on a navigable 3D background map. That said, I can smell the future. 



This Week in AI

This Week in AI

AI got $1.37B of investments last year. It’s a bright spot in a year when the tech industry has right-sized, and...

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