Cultivating Community

People to Watch

  1. David Spinks: David was the co-founder of CMX, an organization dedicated to supporting community professionals. CMX offers resources such as webinars, articles, and an annual conference focused on community building. His new book is The Business of Belonging and he writes a weekly newsletter. 
  2. Scott Gerber is the founder of
  3. Carrie Melissa Jones is a community builder and the author of Building Brand Communities. 
  4. Vanessa DiMauro writes often about the power of community including this social media strategy map.
  5. Standing on GiantsCommunity engagement agency.
  6. Felix Zeltner Remote Daily, an agency specialized in community building that holds a weekly live talk show.
  7. Alex Lindsay — Creator of Office Hours , the ultimate knowledge-sharing community for broadcasters.

Community Building Applications

  1. Bevy – a platform for building enterprise-grade communities.

  2. Campfire a year-round professional network.

  3. Circles – a virtual setting that helps sort and match circles of diverse peers to learn groups.

  4. Carii Networks – a community-building platform.

  5. — a community building platform.

Community Organizations

  1. Community RoundtableResource for community management research, training, tools, and networking

  2.– a community for community professionals

  3. CMX Hub– Network of community professionals with resources and an annual summit

Further Reading

  1. Northstar Group on Building an Online Event Community
  2. Decoding Community– A presentation on the ‘Concept of Community’


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