Cinamaker: A Software Video Switcher for Zoom

Imagine you’ve got 5 speakers on the stage and you want to create a great live stream, or you’ve got a mix of in-person guests and remote guests, or you’re streaming a live exercise class or concert. Typically making something look decent requires hardware horsepower and a video switching console. Cinamaker lets you use a pretty simple app (iOS only) to select and pull from multiple Zoom meeting participants in real time. You can connect up to 8 cameras or mobile phones, and 8 audio streams, and then call the directorial shots. Watch the video and you’ll see some mouthwatering capabilities. 14 day free trial and then $30/month.<



This Week in AI

This Week in AI

AI got $1.37B of investments last year. It’s a bright spot in a year when the tech industry has right-sized, and...

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