AWE 2023

AI Products Worth Using

  1. Tome – A smart presentation maker
  2. ChatGPT – An AI chatbot designed to answer questions and generate content
  3. Midjourney – Image generation based on prompts
  4. Stability AI – Image generation based on text descriptions
  5. Grammarly – A typing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes
  6. Descript – Turn videos into a script to easily edit
  7. vidIQ – AI content generator for YouTube
  8. Kajabi – Free AI tools to create courses
  9. Notion AI – a smart notetaker
  10. Kaiber – text to video
  11. Runway – AI Image and Video Editing Software
  12. Aug X Labs – AI video generator
  13. Deforum – Free software for making animations
  14. Modelscope – Create videos from text input
  15. Octane AI – AI agents to grow DTC brands
  16. Auto GPT – An AI agent to accomplish a variety of tasks, such as research, coding, and creative writing
  17. Baby AGI – Framework to create, organize, prioritize as well as the executing of tasks
  18. Bard – Generative AI chatbot developed by Google
  19. Feathery – Turn video/audio into text summaries
  20. Promptcraft– Guidebook for Generative Media in Creative Work
  21. Board of Innovation – A ToolBox for Innovators
  22. Fabrie – A Collaborative White Board
  23. Variety Intelligence Platform – A tool list for the entertainment industry
  24. Wonder Dynamics – AI for Character Studios
  25. AI Spotlight – A great video with 250 AI products
  26. Whisper – Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) System
  27. AI on the Lot — AI and Entertainment
  28. VERSES AI compared to Open AI – A Conversation With ChatGPT – Techy Read of LLM


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