WebEx Events

Finally, a large company buys an answer to its problems and might not kill it in the process. (Think Microsoft and Skype as the archetypal example.) We met Yarkin Sakucoglu, CEO of Socio, way back at an early VEG meeting. Around that time Socio was purchased by Cisco. Cisco’s in-house product was WebEx, often loathed for its cumbersome onboarding process. Under Sakucoglu’s stewardship they had a baby and it’s called WebEx Events. It looks really good and promises a soup to nuts enterprise-grade event environment for digital, live, and hybrid events. Interestingly, they surveyed their clients and created a picture of what 2022 will look like from an events perspective.

Image credit: Webex Events.



Grammy meet Roblox

Grammy meet Roblox

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