The Metaverse at CES: You couldn’t find it but it stole the show.

The most talked about thing at CES was the metaverse, which coincidentally, was conspicuously absent. Only a handful of metaverse companies like Touchcast and Omniscape exhibited on the show floor. They were selling the promise of setting up your offices or meetings in the metaverse. Still, despite the paucity of exhibitors, the metaverse meme machines were in full swing as you looked at exhibit areas and listened in on conversations.

Big show company showcases like Intel’s took attendees into a metaverse where Alex Rodriquez touted the new chip. And a digital-first immersive experience was created at the Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian.At the BMW pavilion attendees could not only take a video of a color-changing car that uses special hue-fluid car paint, but they could also create unique digital art in their vehicles. At the Hyundai MOBIS exhibit, attendees had the opportunity to step into M. Vision Town, the company’s metaverse space, and let their avatar “test drive” each concept vehicle. And Samsung used CES to showcase a Second-Life type metaverse home complete with Samsung products. One journalist from Tech Radar quipped that future CES’s would be better if held in the metaverse. Companies like Next Media Partners opted to have all their clients meet them in Alt VR.

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