Speaking of The Pragmatic Metaverse

A lot of people envision the metaverse as a place where lizards and unicorns meet up and party, or where comic book characters meet anime figures and dance around. But there are a number of companies who are building a more pragmatic metaverse that doesn’t require any special hardware such as a VR headset.  

While some metaverse proponents think VR headsets will be a must-have in order to experience the “verse,” we’re seeing evidence to the contrary. These provide 3D environments, avatars that navigate the space, proximity audio—everything but the complete immersion. We’re looking at them as metaverses for the here and now, which are particularly well suited to events. 

Figure Credit: rooom


rooom.com, our featured Feb. speaker and one of our newest members, is an all-in-one suite that lets you create events in 2D, 3D, AR and/or VR. It works across all desktop and mobile devices and includes tools that can render 3D models. The company is based in Germany where it has hosted events for up to 200,000 users.




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