Spatial Gatherings

After last week’s newsletter, some of you wrote to ask for more information about spatial computing. Spatial computing’s definition is sort of like the definition of porn, you know it when you see it. More and more companies are using the “S” word in their descriptions. The idea is that you are fully immersed in an environment whether that’s using VR, AR, audio, haptics or any of your other senses to surround you.. 

Sony – typically known for its video announcements at CES – showcased a purely digital spatial reality screen driven by Unreal engine and output to a display with a stereoscopic vision that portrays depth and volume. Vermont-based OVR Technology believes the nose is the missing ingredient from the spatial experience. At CES it demonstrated a headset that contains a cartridge with eight aromas that can be combined to create different scents. Can’t wait for smelly virtual meetings!

Wehead is a spatial device that you wear to let you feel presence at your remote meetings. The unit will capture your gestures, eye movements, and allow you to gaze about a room as if you were there. Try the demo. 



This Week in AI

This Week in AI

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