January 27, 2021

TYPE: Platform


Wonder is a relative newcomer to the world of virtual events but it does some things quite well. The “wonder” of the platform is its bubble circles that are visual depictions of breakout rooms.

The most common scenario is that a mainstage speaker would use the stage for a presentation (Wonder can accommodate 6 main stage speakers so it’s also good for panels) and then allow participants to move freely between different circles of conversation using a mouse or trackpad. Each attendee can chat and share screens, although video streaming and playing video in a window is not yet supported. The supplied background templates are a little busy for our liking but you can create your own. Onboarding and registering as a guest is quite pleasurable. You’re asked to create a photo, answer an icebreaker question (optional), and do a mic and video check. Then you’re in.

For the moment Wonder is a great solution for not-for-profits and educators looking at creating intimate groups. As it matures it’s likely to provide a nice solution to any small to mid-sized meeting.

Best Feature: There is no cost to create your own personal Space that is always available.

Primary Category: Networking
Secondary Category: N/A


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