November 27, 2020

TYPE: Tool


This browser based platform is best for those looking to host smaller scale events throughout the year. Users will be able to build out their content area with videos, livestreams and downloads and customize schedules, break out sessions, graphics and branding. Meetings can be live streamed via RegFox Live or via link to another platform. On the border of the video feed, there’s a feature for public chat feature, a private chat feature for hosts, a Q&A feed, a roster feed and lastly an area where hosts can see those requesting to go on stage. Events are 100% restricted to registered guests and there’s also moderation controls to ban guests and delete unwanted comments. The cost structure is $1 per hour per attendee and RegFox uses a “pay as you go” system so you won’t be overcharged. Current limitations only allow for the platform to support 200 simultaneous attendees with up to 6 people on stage.