November 27, 2020

TYPE: Platform


PheedLoop offers a variety of feature modules for live, hybrid, and virtual events with a focus on integration, automation, decentralization, and monetization. The platform features strong networking features for participants, context based chat—the system knows if you’re in a general session vs. small breakout and zoom streaming integration, if needed. The platform also provides built-in e-commerce capabilities, allowing for the sale of products during the event, as well as payment integrations including Chase, Stripe, and PayPal for attendees to purchase tickets. Attendees are given access to a training video and strong customer support is provided before and during the event. Pricing is roughly $8,000, based on approximately 350 attendees. PheedLoop is a limited exhibitor platform, has limitations of size for networking groups (25: 16 video + 9 voice) and pricing is per event and based on number of participants, which can drive costs up.

Best Feature: In addition to the platform’s own features including livestream video, it also integrates with other services including Zoom.
Primary Category: Conference
Secondary Category: Trade Show


Virtway Events
Ring Central