Neweb Labs

February 12, 2023

TYPE: Production

Neweb Labs is a mixed-reality and virtual production studio based in Montreal, Canada. We specialize in merging the virtual and real world to produce new environments & characters – Holograms, Virtual Production, and Digital Humans. From content creation to production, we offer a turnkey solution to bring our clients new futuristic and extraordinary experiences.

  • Animation: we are the tech spin-off of Vox Populi, who produced the 3D animated TV series Ici-Laflaque for 15 years on broadcast television. Interaction: we create and facilitate real-time interactions with virtual characters.
  • Holograms: we have created several impressive hologram performances, including a 100 foot water wall display for Feux de Follets.
  • Live Performances: we were the first to create an interactive virtual artist hologram: Maya Kodes. Virtual characters for all platforms: modelling, animation, motion capture, fx, and real-time- virtual spokesperson