Musion 3D

December 7, 2020

TYPE: Production


Musion 3D provides holographic technology to their clients. The system has corporate and entertainment applications including live stage settings for conferences and trade shows as well as the creation of interactive, interconnected 3D virtual meeting rooms that enable people physically located in one meeting room to see 3D holographic images of people in other offices as if they were sitting opposite them. Musion’s live Telepresence system uses its own patented codec and high-speed broadband networks to create an incredibly fast, two-way, public high-definition broadcast system. Holograms can be be as large as a life-sized car or aircraft component displays can be made interactive with the help of motion capture user-friendly interface or even with passive infrared sensors. Musion does provide training, but will require automated lighting shows to maximize the effect of their EyeLiner system.