July 27, 2021

TYPE: Platform


“With Markee you can replace Slack, Teams, and Zoom, creating virtual meetings, collaboration spaces, communities, and events, all in your own website with your own domain, branding, and content.

Create any type of meeting or gathering space, no need to manage multiple platforms. Implement 1 on 1, groups, or big event spaces in a few clicks. Easy access control: Invite anyone, even visitors who aren’t logged in, and carefully control who can see and do what. Human-readable URLs, no downloads or software to install.

Fully customizable interface, with tasteful presets to start. Product images, sales documents, meeting agendas, whatever you need — all on the same page. Markee is committed to the Open Web. “”Remove Markee Branding”” isn’t an extra feature — it’s the whole point. Unlike other platforms, your guests are yours, your customers are yours, your signups are yours, not ours.

Markee is currently in Early Access and we are inviting everyone to try it before they buy it. Get your 30 day free trial!”

Best Feature: Events can have an unlimited number of breakout rooms that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Primary Category: Video Meeting

Secondary Category: N/A


Virtway Events
Ring Central