November 24, 2020


A voice, video and text communication service that provides a platform for anyone who could use a place to talk with their friends and communities. Servers are invite-only and customizable with separate text channels for everything you might want to chat about. Their video technology allows users to share their screen directly with others, giving them the opportunity to stream a game to friends, give their community a live art demo, or present to a group with one simple click. Member access is customizable is ‘Roles’ where you can create moderators, give fans special rewards, or create working groups you can message all at once. All aspects of the platform are free to use, including their API, where you can build the features you need, from calendar integrations to full-fledged DnD campaigns. Larger communities can get cluttered easily, reporting/flagging is not great and customer service is extremely lacking and unhelpful.

Best Feature: Allows conversations to happen while you’re watching, playing or otherwise engaged. Fast growing community.

Primary Category: Networking Event

Secondary Category: Video Meeting


Virtway Events
Ring Central