November 24, 2020

RATING: 3.5/5


An all-inclusive mobile event app, ConBop provides intuitive CMS, event analytics, in-app charting, gamification, personalized profiles, and more. With an off-the-shelf and white label model, it’s scalable and customizable to fit events of any size. Features include personalized profiles, in-app chatting, interactive surveys, unlimited speakers and push notifications. You’ll also be able to display sponsor bios and social media, as well as give them priority in a group by weighting their display order. There’s also live stream integration where you can embed web enabled live-stream links into any sessions, exhibitor, and sponsor page, allowing attendees the ability to view session streams or sponsor and exhibitor videos. Some users experience freezing with the app where they have to delete and re-download for it to work.

Best Feature: White label events

Primary Category: Conference

Secondary Category: Trade Show

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