November 24, 2020


This Finish-based company made a bright splash into the event scene, especially in the early days of the pandemic, and is known for its ability to scale large events with conferences, networking, and live stream events. The web and mobile app was built to foster engagement between participants and allows sharing to social media. Pre-engagement, integration with CRM, and post analytics are available. Built-in sponsorship opportunities make a good choice for anyone selling sponsorships. If you’re late, joining the event past the start time is unavailable. There’s affordable self-service pricing as well as an enterprise price ($6,000 that offers more hand-holding. Users reported that the interface can be cumbersome and the mobile app can become unresponsive with glitches and bugs. We’ve found that little things like losing the live stream when you go back to the agenda to see what’s next are minor disappointments.

Best Feature: A wide selection of offerings from multi-livestream hosting to mobile and web integrations. The networking and matchmaking features use an AI algorithm.

Primary Category: Networking Event

Secondary Category: Conference


Virtway Events
Ring Central