Aug X Labs

March 3, 2023

TYPE: Generative AI


Augie is an AI powered video creation tool that lets people turn words into videos. Users upload any starting piece of content, words, audio, or video captures, and Augie processes it and automatically generates engaging videos. Most video creation today is done through dated, complex video editing tools, with creators struggling to find the time and money to focus on their content. Enter Augie.

Augie uses AI to detect the key message, and matches it to a virtual clip library. The library comprises the user’s personal media (on a computer or phone), stock photos from Getty/Unsplash, memes from Giphy and AI-generated visuals from Stable Diffusion. Users can then quickly add simple effects, such as transitions, filters, closed captioning and more inside the Augie experience.

The entire process of creating meaningful, engaging videos is now automated, users simply customize and tweak the visuals and narrative. Augie simplifies and democratizes video creation for everyone, letting users be creative and joyful, spending a fraction of their time on the editing.



Jeremy Toeman

+1 415 730 3879


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