October 17, 2020

TYPE: Platform


Airmeet should be high on the consideration for those seeking more interactivity in their platforms. And for now, you can host smaller events (under 100 attendees for free. Larger scale projects call $99 per month. (We’re expecting free unlimited will change shortly.) 

The Indian based company creates attractive virtual ‘ballrooms’ that reside in the cloud. They claim to accommodate up to 10,000 attendees per event but are working on scaling up to 1 million. A single dashboard lets you create a “meetup” or a full-blown conference. Events can be made public or not through a single link. Some highlighted features are support for multiple sessions at once, a backstage, a lounge meetup area,  live guests invited onto the stage, polling, chats, exhibitor logos, and more. The space is somewhat plain vanilla in look and feel but the features are all easy to access. Some reviews claimed that bandwidth consumption can cause some connectivity issues and the mobile experience is limited to livestream. It does not include an invite feature, either.

Best Feature: Interactivity

Primary Category: Conference

Secondary Category: Trade Show


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