October 17, 2020

TYPE: Platform

Now in Version 7.0, #6Connex uses a handsome real-world metaphor including an auditorium, lobby, media wall, and networking areas. Based in San Antonio, Texas, and owned by the large software conglomerate Dura Software in 2019. A cloud-based virtual events platform, its focus is on B2B marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and HR communications. Landing pages direct attendees through the environment where they are greeted by video, avatar or maps of the area. It’s built on HTML5, which makes it well suited for cross-platform support and enterprise-grade security including blacklisting, white-listing, complex passwords, and advanced cookies. Slides, audio, and video are all incorporated. Audience engagement tools include feedback surveys, polls, Q&A’s. Attendee chat is strong as are integrations to social networks. #6Connects event chatrooms have multi-language translation capabilities. Marketing and training appear to be its strong points and while the building is simple, it does require a tech-savvy administrator.

Primary Category: Conference

Secondary Category: Trade Show


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