Mobile Event Apps

Did anyone have a chance to play with the CES app during CES this year? The app was licensed from WebSummit and what it lacked in the navigation of booths and space maps it more than made up for in its social features that let you mingle and get in touch with other attendees. Charlie Fink dives into the app’s success here

Apps are no longer an afterthought in the event business. Some of the other players that do a nice job on the mobile side include WhovaHopin, and Socio. Speaking of event apps, Apple gave the already hard-hit events industry a break by forgiving any fees owed to Apple that are generated as a percentage of in-app purchases. For more on best app practices, here is a good guide to buying mobile event apps.



This Week in AI

This Week in AI

AI got $1.37B of investments last year. It’s a bright spot in a year when the tech industry has right-sized, and...

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