LinkedIn Looks at The Funnel of Events

As LinkedIn becomes more of a serious event platform, it published a series of predictions and research about the continuation of virtual events in 2022. The LinkedIn platform now has a robust set of event features, with the secret sauce being the ability to widen your network by inviting groups or forming your own group.

A downloadable LinkedIn Booklet offers valuable insight on how to rethink events. It looks at the emerging hybrid scene as a funnel. “We’re likely to see virtual and physical events taking on distinct and complementary roles within marketing strategies. Virtual events work best for targeting the upper funnel, engaging a wider audience while making far fewer demands of their time, and doing so over a longer timeframe through live video and on-demand follow-ups. This will free in-person events to focus more on lower-funnel objectives, prioritizing quality time with buyers.”



This Week in AI

This Week in AI

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