Giant Steps: BPA Worldwide Creates Standard for Auditing Digital Events

Live events have a long history of how to audit and report. Who came, who they represent, and where they spent their time at the event are just a few of the metrics that are well codified in a common format. How can we bring the same rigor to the world of virtual events?

BPA Worldwide, an association for auditing media and physical events, has a solution. Two years after the creation of a dedicated working group, the organization announced Reporting Standards for Digital Events (RSDE). It hopes to benefit the entire ecosystem of digital events, including organizers, exhibitors and digital event platform (DEP) vendors. Today the RSDE consists of 17 data tables and glossary terms, created by a working group of BPA representatives from 15 organizations across the events industry, representing trade show organizers, exhibitors, data analysts, and digital platforms.

I spoke with Glenn Hansen, President of BPA who spoke at length about the need for a standardized metric and a language to measure the key components of digital events. Take a look at the metrics proposed for defining digital events. Hansen and BPA will be joining us at an upcoming session to explain the benefits of getting involved with RSDE. BPA will have a template for event RFPs shortly, and will be rolling out their certification for virtual events. 



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