AI Eats the World

Marc Andreessen’s prophecy that “software will eat the world” became the mantra of VC culture. But software has a tiny gut compared to the voracious appetite of AI tools. AI is rapidly becoming a part of our daily diet and we are about to experience a new wave of AI-based startups.

To keep tabs on the fast and furious pace of AI and how it’s being used for art, advertising, copywriting, design, and more, be sure to bookmark It lists more than 1,000 AI-based tools and you can search based on the release date, popularity, topic, and more. They claim they’re listing 5 new entries each day. 

In the macabre AI story of the week, GoodTrust, a site that predominantly specializes in legacies and digital wills, has a new feature that can animate your deceased relative’s photo. You upload your old photos and either animate them or have them lipsynched with some truly bizarre results including the voice of Yoda.

GoodTrust takes your deceased relatives and breathes AI life into them.



This Week in AI

This Week in AI

AI got $1.37B of investments last year. It’s a bright spot in a year when the tech industry has right-sized, and...

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