June 21, 2022

TYPE: Platform

As more activities are transitioning to the metaverse, our vision is to build an interoperability builder centric ecosystem marketplace where builders can showcase their worlds to earn social proof that leads to social currency, by allowing audiences to engage in an open, transparent and incentivized manner. We are on a mission to kick off various creators’ economies for builders through the explore to earn platform. We propose a builder centric search-engine ecosystem in the metaverse that will not only allow better monetisation mechanism for builders, but also incentivising audience who spend their time and data to assist builders gaining social proof and making it easier for audiences to transition their activity to the metaverse due to better discoverability, enabling all parties to thrive in web 3.0

Best Feature: Especially designed for artists and makers to showcase their products.

Primary Category: Metaverse

Secondary Category: Trade Show


Virtway Events
Ring Central