March 16, 2022

TYPE: Platform

Still in beta at the time of this entry, Tevent is free to use. The platform is structured in the form of a Space. You then create one or more Events in the Space, and then Stages and Rooms inside an Event. Within Rooms, you can define Tables where participants can gather and hold a video discussion. The emphasis is on ease of configuration, and the platform lets you create a Space that is available permanently.

Best Feature: Until the official release (and pricing), it’s difficult to pick a best feature. At this point, Stages are limited to 500 attendees and Rooms are limited to 30 video participants, which may be too small for some events. At present, however, it appears that there are no limits to the number of Events you have have within a space, which could be useful for conferences and tradeshows.

Primary Category: Video Meetings
Secondary Category: Trade Show


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